The Spirit of God made me see a crate full of merchandise. On the bottom were written the words, “The heart of the North.” O my God! For the love of Jesus, Mary, Joseph and Saint John the Baptist, grant me the grace to conquer the North and to master all within it: give me the heart of the North.

L’Esprit de Dieu m’a fait voir un quart plein de marchandises. Sur le fond du Quart étaient écrites les paroles suivantes: “Les entrailles du Nord.” O mon Dieu! Accordez-moi, la grâce de conquérir le Nord et de Maîtriser tout ce qu’il a: donnez-moi les entrailles du nord.

~ Louis Riel, Journal/Diary [Batoche]. [1885/09/01?] – 1885/05/10.


Riel: Heart of the North is a major dramatic musical work by Métis poet Suzanne Steele (Gaudry) & composer Neil Weisensel. It will premiere with the Winnipeg and Regina Symphony Orchestras in 2022. Weisensel and Steele are artists; they are not historians, politicians, nor activists.  Through this work, the artists honour all sides of the ancestral blanket.

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