Verna DeMontigny

Verna Demontigny was born and raised in a traditional Metis Community known as Fouillard’s Corner, also known in Michif as Li Kwayn (The Corner) near Binscarth, Manitoba. Verna is the daughter of Jean Louis Fleury and Marie Josephine Ledoux. Her parents relocated to Li Kwaen from the community of Ste Madeleine, a Metis community that was situated near the Saskatchewan and Manitoba border. The Fleury and Ledoux families were among the Metis families who lost their homes and lands at Ste. Madeleine, Manitoba during the government evictions inthe 1930s. Verna now reside in Brandon, Manitoba. Verna has one daughter, four sons and 10 grandchildren. Verna is a fluent Michif speaker and knowledge keeper of her ancestral language Michif and culture. She works diligently to teach, promote and preserve. Her goal is to preserve Michif for future generations. At present Verna is employed teaching Michif in the Brandon School Division, in the community and works with different linguists. She is also a visiting Elder with Assiniboine Community College. Verna likes to share her knowledge of her culture and language with anyone who is willing to listen and learn.