As I play and replay the video of Team HoTN’s fiddle and guitar duo, Ella Speckeen and Jeff Hilberry, I am reminded that. for some, dance is a form of prayer and a way of reconnecting with our ancestors. The Red River Jig has a hypnotic air to it, a circularity like breath.
It’s been so grey, wet and gloomy here on the ‘wet’ coast of Canada this past month. The last thing I wanted to do last night was to go out into the 5 o’clock dark, but I did and I’m so glad I did so. The music and the dancing lift my heart (tho I just sat and knit last night). It lifts others’ spirits as well. I know this.
I’m no jigger at the best of times and last night I just wanted to be quiet and listen. What joy to see the very young and the elders dance together.
The Wed. night gang invite all. And they invite us to bring our worries and gratitudes to the circle. Then to dance them all away. To the heavens. And how lovely is that?

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