Who knew?? Honoré Jackson, Riel’s secretary during the resistance, became a good friend to Frank Lloyd Wright when they met in 1910. Jackson remains one of the many intriguing stories of our people. He was not Métis, he was a Southern Ontario WASP. Yet as a young man of 23 he became enamoured with Riel, served as his secretary.
Riel was his sponsor, his Godfather, at his conversion to Catholicism, and gave him the name Honoré Joseph Jaxon. Conversion jittered him though, and his instability caused Riel to imprison him in 1885 – he was deemed unsafe. He was later imprisoned again and tried for treason by the Cnd. government but let off by reason of sanity (more likely by reason of whiteness). He escaped this jailing and ran across the medicine line where he spent the rest of his life trying to preserve the history of our peoples. He was not of us, he was not Métis by heritage, yet he fought for us and claimed himself to be one of us.

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