Neil and I are rapidly nearing the end of the first major hurdle of this large work. I have written the script/libretto and he is nearing the end of the composing. It is a HUGE undertaking that has required extensive research, writing, rewriting, editing, cutting, rewriting … Neil and I are in touch daily (I’m in B.C. he is in Winnipeg) as he asks, “What does line x on page y mean?”, or, “Can I have character Z sing this?” This is an exceptionally exciting but exhausting process and we are very excited to be seeing Riel’s Heart of the North gain some momentum of its own. Exciting and daunting.
I’ll be in Winnipeg in 10 days and will have a chance to hear some of the music, culminating with some workshops and a performance of the work to date. After that more changes will be made, some cuts, some edits, maybe some major rewrites. The art of creation is 95% perspiration and 5% inspiration. Stay tuned folks, bear with us, and mostly forgive my rusty French when I communicate with you!

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