Something interesting I’ve read today. Note that I, the librettist, have never heard the Riel opera, nor read it beyond the first few pages of the score. I did this at the Canadian Music Centre so that I could briefly look at how the libretto was set. I’m not fond of recitative, or sing-spiele, or whatever the heck they call it (I should know the word as I have a degree in Voice!) when someone sings something pedestrian like, “Take out the garbage!!”. When I embark upon a new project I avoid others’ work in the field – creative, that is. I DO my research, and then I listen, listen, listen. Gaudry (is he a cousin I wonder?) is an interesting writer/academic. I’ve not had the time to read much of his work, yet.
One thing for certain. I am writing this for a Michif audience. And the Michif peoples in my work are FAR FROM SILENT!!!

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